[NI001] Dave Kelley
Here is a poem Dave wanted added to his notes:
" Families are for ever. Please keep us close together, and help us to be good,
and always love each other, the way a family should. When our lives are over,
please let us meet again so we can be a family up in Heaven, Lord, Amen. "
Hobbies: Bowling( all sports), Helping people when I can.
Favorite treat: Cherry Pie and Strawberry Short Cake.
Favorite statement: " See you in Church"
Fun Family Story: There are a Million of them. Dave says that his kids and Grand kids are his life and after six kids god gave him twins and followed by Jim and Jack. Dave says that we all shared and helped and loved each other.

[NI002] Marion Meyer Kelley's Life Story:

[NI002] I was born in Richmond, Philadelphia,PA. Why I mention this is because I was the only one of four children that was, The rest of the children were born at home. My first memory was about the age of 3 1/2 yrs old. We had a first floor apartment on Gaul st. in the Richmond section of Philadelphia. My sister Doris, cousin Gertrude and I all had chicken pox. I was very ill. I can remember being in a crib and my mother had made us mittens so we would not scratch ourselves. Remembering this when my eight children came down with the chicken pox, I did the same thing. I also remember the man who came around with dresses,etc., to sell and wonderful smell and the crisp sound they made (later I realized it was the paper inside the dresses that made the sound). December rolled around and December 13th, my Birthday. There was a small store about a block and a half away. Well, that time of the year it gets dark around 5 o'clock. Doris and Gertrude took me to the store to buy me a present. They left me outside by myself (4 years old) next to a dark alley. When they came out I was soooo Frightened but forgot all the fear when I saw the lovely red Pocketbook they bought me. Then Christmas came and I had asked for a Red Fire Engine that you could ride in (Tomboy that I was). Well.... I did get a fire Engine but it was a small one with a seat on top and that you pushed around (I remember being so disappointed). Doris and I received these huge Dolls, My Doll was two heads taller than me. Gertrude received two such Dolls from her mother and father (who were separated). Gertrude lived with us because her mother worked and lived at a country club that was way out in the country. This was during the Depression. My Father earned 17 dollars a week, my mother was a top notch waitress at the Benjamin Franklin Hotel and brought home $90.00 a week. So our family never felt any hardships. I only had my Doll two days and what happened I was carrying the doll down the steps outside and because the doll was sooo big I tripped on its legs and crashed to the pavement. I wasn't hurt because I landed right on top of the doll, but the doll wasn't as lucky as me, she ended up with a broken head. Gertrude gave me one of her Dolls. We were all very Happy! Before I was five yrs old, we moved around the corner and across the street on Cambrea st. to a house. On the corner was a grocery store. I can recall going to with a small list(I always received a piece of candy). My mother charged and paid it once a week. So many memories there! For Christmas, Doris and I received large, beautiful and expensive doll coaches. We were always ladies in our starch dresses and bows in our hair; walking our dolls in those expensive coaches. My father had a band ( he played banjo). We had a piano down in the basement and about two nights a week his band came over to practice. Well, it was like having a party twice a week. All the young adults would come over and dance and have a ball. It was also during Prohibition and my father made his own beer and rootbeer. My father was extremely intelligent. He only went to the 9th grade but graduated by taking correspondence courses. He also hooked the mike to the radio and the kids would listen to him over the radio. On Christmas Eve all the young adults were over and having a great time and Doris and I could not sleep. There was a grate in the bathroom floor so we could watch them. We must have fallen asleep on the floor because when we woke up we were back in our beds. Now it was time for us to move to the country. I was in the first grade. We moved to Newtown Square on a farm. Doris and I stayed at my Grandmother Meyer's until my parents moved all of our furniture. The house was heated by a big black stove in the kitchen that burned coal. There was a Pot Belly stove in the small living room next to the kitchen. The large living room was shut off in the winter because it was to large to heat. We had electricity on the first floor but not upstairs.At night my mother would light a kerosene lamp and take us upstairs. In the mourning she would wrap us up in blankets and carry us down to the warm Kitchen, a great big room with a table that ran full length of the room. There was also a pump that Doris and I had to prime and pump the water.My father taught my mother how to raise chickens. This young women was raised in New York city. There were about 150 chickens. There was a rooster that had been a "blue ribbon winner", but Doris and I would go into the Hen house to collect eggs and the rooster would attack us. My mother got so mad one day, she grabbed that Blue Ribbon rooster and chopped its head off. Next we moved to Broomall. This house was a beautiful large home. In this lovely home my brother Harry was born.We moved again to Flanarch Hills. These homes were semiattached. Our next move was to Blue bell, PA. Another great country home.Sooo again we moved on back to city to Richmond, Philadelphia. There was a play ground across the street and we went to the movies twice a week. About the time I graduated from 8th grade , we moved to Tranace, PA. My Mother left our Father due to his infidelity with a women and she changed her name back to McMullen.We moved again to Broad street and Alligany, a 3rd floor apartment. We hung out a with group of boys from North East Catholic High. We did not date these boys but we went everywhere together. On Sunday my mother worked all day, so we had the boys over for dinner. We were busy cooking and had the radio on for music when they broke in and announced that Pearl Harbor had been attacked by Japan and within six months everyone of the boys were in the service. We started dating shortly after that but the boys started to get younger and younger. Two of the boys , Harry and Bob Tobin went to Virginia College to become officers. They flunked out and went to boot camp training together. Bob and I wrote wonderfully, crazy letters. He would address my letter as Meyer jr.. We had so much fun writing. I never really dated Bob Tobin and I always got him dates with my girlfriends. He would break their hearts. He wrote that he was coming home on leave and then would go over seas(pacific). So Doris and I threw a big party for him. During the party the girls put their names in a hat and the boys would pick out a name. The names picked would then become their partner on a treasure hunt. There were two cars and twenty people. One of the boys we had invited had a twin sister , who was crossed eyed. He said he would not come to the party unless she was invited and of course, I said yes.Bob was the most handsome one there and had the most wonderful personality! Guess who's name he picked. Your right again, the poor , little crossed eyed girl. Bob treated her as if she was the most beautiful girl there. Well, I'll tell you, I really fell in love with him at that point. Later back at the apartment, Bob and I went into the living room to sit and watch the fire. He took out a poem that he had written for me, declaring his love for me. Before he left he said " we were not to write to one another as we had been doing because we were to young to be in love and so on and so on". I felt he had done this because before he had come home, Walt had warned Bob about me, that he walked where angels feared to tread. I never wrote Bob. Later he dropped me a so called note and asked me to write, but I wouldn't was angry and felt I had been made a fool of by him, so I never again wrote.Later I went to a church dance. Who did I run into but Bob Tobin and the crowd. He wanted me to go on a hay ride with him and the whole gang on Saturday night. I told him I was going steady and I couldn't. He pleaded with me to go with him. He said he was going overseas and was not coming back. I laughed in his face and said, "come on Bob, you can do better than that. Try to be a little more original" and I walked off the dance floor. I was so upset the next day because I knew I really loved him. After that I moved to Glenolden, PA. and as soon as I was settled in, I called Bob's mom for his address. She said he was on his way to the west coast and when she got his address she would give it to me. I had this weird dream that night. I was at a fire hall dance and everyone was dancing and having a great time. Bob was sitting on a folding chair against the wall and just watching everyone. Now, if you knew Bob you would realize how strange that was. He was always the life of the party and always right in the middle of everything. I walked over to him and said" what is wrong Bob, come on and get into the fun" he answered" No, I'll sit and watch. The next day, Doris overheard some girls at church saying "did you here about Bob Tobin getting killed on the way to the West coast". Well, at that point Doris past out on the church steps. The story we got later was the troop train was traveling through the desert and every once in a while it would stop to refuel, all the boys would get out to get a breath of fresh air. The sun was so hot they would climb under the train for shade. The train would blow its horn so the boys could get back into the train. Walt was with Bob when the whistle blew, but Bob did not get out in time and was cut in halve right in front of Walt's eyes. Walt never did go overseas, because he had a nervous breakdown. Doris, my friend Ellen and I went to see him laid out, I took one look at that handsome young man and I said to myself" that's not Bob", for Bob was Life itself. His mother said that all Bob ever talked about were the Meyer Girls and that we meant more to him then anyone. That was the story of my great love! I went into mourning for six months. The rest of Marion's Life story can be found in her Marriage notes. Included is at least one story about each of her ten children.

[NI005] Maureen Kelley Dunning:

[NI005] Maureen Kelley Dunning was born March 28 1949 to the parents of David J. Kelley and
Marion L. Meyer Kelley in Upland Pa. We lived in Pa. till I was 6 years old and then
moved to Wilm. De. I am third oldest of ten children, and I can tell you, I was never lonely
or that it was ever quiet around our house. We Kelley's are noisy with the exception of Tom
and Jack, who are the quiet ones, it must have been overwhelming for them at times. It was
great growing up in a large family. My favorite memories are around Christmas time. Dad
would go out on Christmas Eve and look for the biggest tree he could find, he always had to
cut off the top of the tree to get it into the house. While the older kids got to help Mom
wrap gifts. Dad would lay out all the lights on the floor to see what needed to be replaced,
and then hang them, unlit. We all got to decorate the tree and what a good time it was,
throwing all that tinsel on it after decorating it. Good nights said and off to bed, waiting for
Santa to arrive. I would end up keeping everybody up, talking till late in the morning. About
5 am we would all wake up and go to the top of the stairs and ask if it was okay to come
down. Dad and Mom never even got to go to sleep, because they were still putting toys,
bikes,wagons and anything that had to be put together. Dad would say thatSanta was gone,
and we would all run down the stairs, Oh, what a sight it was , the tree all lit up, it was
Beautiful! Wall to wall toys and gifts and the wonderful smell of evergreen, Mom's cooking
bacon, sausage, ham and homemade biscuits. We would spend most of the day after
Christmas Mass, playing board games together and a big turkey dinner with Mom's special
apple, sausage stuffing, the best! Mom spent a lot of time with us, reading the classics,
Hiedi, Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, Little Women and Little Men etc. She would make
homemade potato chips,and doughnuts before we all sat down to read. We went on picnics
in the summer,sleding, ice skating at Brandywine and Rockford Park with Mom, she taught
us all to ice skate at a very early age. Dad never missed a sports event that we were
involved in and he coached Basketball, and Baseball for Sacred Heart School, where we all
attended. Dad and Mom taught us that love will keep our family strong, through the good
and the not so good times, which we had, but we are still very close and I like to remember
the best times more. I am Married to a great man, Ed who is a very loving and patient guy,
he puts up with me, I am a little bit intence to say the least. I have three handsome sons,
Chris, Michael,Gregory and my beautiful Grandson Zachary. Chris is a builder and can fix
just about anything, lucky me. He also is very much like me in several ways, and sometimes
we clash, but he is the most sweetest, and so full of love, I am so proud of him. Chris is also
very good at sports, he played every sport that was offered, basketball, baseball, soccer,
and football, ice skating and fishing. Chris also has started a large collection of exotic
fish.Michael is my closest friend, he shares a lot with me and I can always count on him.
Michael spent 3 years in Army National Guards, and was a color Guard in the parades and
has a Honorable discharged with the rank of Specialist E-4. His enjoys weight lifting, unning,
skiing, Martial Arts, and dancing at the local clubs. Michael is also very handy around the
house fixing mostly everything. When Michael was 10 years old he took my garbage
disposal apart to get out a srew that had fallen in, he took about two hours to get it out, and
disposal worked again.Michael is also a musician, plays the guitar,and piano. Michael is also
Zachary's dad and is a great daddy. He also played sports, baseball, football and a great ice
skater, he wants to box, but as a mother, I do not encourge it, but Mike will do whatever he
sets his mind too, and does it well! Gregory is my youngest and will always be my baby, of
course he does not want to hear that. He is my most creative child, he writes stories, poems
and draws, he has inherited some of his talents from my Mom.Greg also is excellent in
sports, he gets that from both sides of the family. He plays Ice Hockey, 6 months out of the
year, a long haul for us though, he is at the ice skating rink a lot, but hey! maybe someday
we will see him in the Pro's, you just never know! Greg is in the 5th grade at St. Peter's
Apostle in old New Castle, he is an A and B student, he is also a very proud Uncle, he
thinks Zachary is the funniest baby around, and Zachary just loves his Uncle Greg. Some
more favorite memories are about Kathy, she and I are very close sister's my best friend, in
high school we had a great time. Kathy was very popular and never had a problem getting
dates,of which I was lucky too, she always made sure she got a date for me and that we
double dated, it was much more fun and safer, Mom taught us that.We would travel up to
Phila. by train on weekends to the dances, the boys from Philly were the best dancers ever,
and so cute. We also visited our Grandmother Kelley, and she would take us to work with
her at Wanamakers, and have dinner upstairs in the restaurant or dinner at her house sitting
at her wrought iron glass top table in her sunny kitchen, lamb chops were her specialty, I am
not real fond of lamb, but we could not hurt her feelings. I remember one time when my
oldest son Chris was about 6 months old and was teething and sitting on her lap at Uncle
Don and Aunt Betty's, she let him teeth on her silver bracelet, that she had all her other
Grandchildren's teeth marks on the inside of the bracelet, Chris was the first Great-
Grandchild to teeth on it. I remember her as so beautiful and had lots of class. I have alot of
great memories of her. Dad would drive us up to Grandmother Kelley's on the Holiday's all
dressed up and We all sing for her, Dad thought we were the greatest. I also have
wonderful memories of Grandmom Morgan [ Mom's Mother] she was very strict but would
hug and kiss you all the time, we would stay with her for the summer and she would take us
all over the small town of Hatboro shopping, and to Willow Grove Amusment Park. She
was the best cook, the smells of her kitchen were of coffee and bacon. Grandmom's freezer
always had ice cream in it, there were large cans of Charley's Potato chips and Prezels, we
got plenty of junk food, but hey, all kids love that. I also spent a lot of time with Aunt
Aileen, she lived close to Grandmom's and would come over to visit. I also took turns
staying there,during the summer. I am still very close to Aunt Aileen, we are only 13 years
apart,and we have a lot in commom, I just love her dearly! Three years ago Aunt Aileen,
Connie, [ my sister] cousin Susan, and I all went to New Orleans together, what a Ball!!!
Great place to go! My hobies are sewing,decorating,and I make porcelain dolls as gifts,and
for myself, I ice skate, walk,and swim. My husband occassionally plays golf with me, he
shoots in the low 80's and I really hold him back, but he very patient with me, more then I
can say about my game [patient that is] Like I said, he only takes out me on occassions.
Well, I guess thats all for now, more later.

[NI005] [

[NI006] Dan Kelley's Life Story:

[NI006] Special Characteristics:
4th child of ten;2nd oldest boy;small for age untill 10th grade the grew to 5ft 11in.;very agile and atheltic shortstop and 2nd basement in baseball; True love is Basketball and Racketball. I was very sucessful in sports. I was the leadoff man in little league. I played on championship teams inlittle league,7th grade & 8th grade Basketball and High school Basketball.(Conrad). My brother Micky was a superstar in Highschool Basketball. I started in my Junior year during the preseason but lost the job at the outset and ended up collecting splinters the rest of the year on the bench. However, I enjoyed every minute of it. I coached softball in my 20's and played shortstop for 6 yrs. Played mostly 2nd base and outfield in softball till I was 43 yrs old.
Speacial Interest:
In High school my brother Mickey and I were also well known in the tristate area for our dancing skills. I won a few dance contests. After my divorce, I persude my dancing abilty as a hobbie and was invited to dance in a play called ku'met at Long wood Gardens with the Brandywine group. One of my best adventures ever. I enjoy working in and selling computers for many years now. I had traning in still and motion photography in the National Gaurds during the Vietnam War while I was a student at the University of Delaware.
Fun Family Stories:
One of my first jobs after college was as a manager at Cumberland Farms Convience store. ( noted for selling lots of milk, bread and eggs) My wife Cissy worked for me and that was a big mistake. A typical day when I used to sell 600
gallons of milk a week. I had old fashion walkin cooler with wooden floor. When I was taking the milk crates off the hugh milk truck ( 48 gallons of milk on dolly)
I had to push into the walk in cooler. The wooden floor had a dip in the floor and as the milk crates started coming down on me, I tried to save it and then realized that all 48 gallons were going to crush me as they fell. I let out a major curse word and as the milk fell down on the floor and splattered all over me and hit the front windows where a customer was. My wife Cissy came running back to see me drenched in milk. After she saw that I was ok, she refused to go out and serve the customers because I used to many curse words and she was embarresed. I told her I was the Boss and she had to go out as I was covered in milk and she still refused, so I went out there drenced in milk and served thse customers. How's that for Milk and Egg on your face. We laugh all the way to the end of the night and forever more.
Dan Kelley's Family
I first saw Sissy at a Elsemere Dance and officialy met her at Corpus Cristy church. Before I actually met Sissy, We moved into Villone Village. The same neiborhood as where Sissy lived. I saw Sissy coming out of Casapulas Sub shop and said to my father " thats the type of girl I'm going to marry.A typical Italian Wedding( Sissy is Italian). Over 100 people attended with great food and drink. Over $1,000.00 worth of gifts. We had a 2 week honeymoon spent traveling all over Florida; Disneyland,Tampa,Fortlauderdale,Miami,Keys and West palm Beach.2nd honeymoon was spent in the Poconos and The Bahamas in 1973.

[NI008] Candace Kelley:

[NI008] From Candace Kelley, daughter of David J. Kelley and Marion Meyer Kelley. Who was born July 30, 1952 and was the sixth child out of ten and third daughter out of five. Resides at 325 Main Street, P. O. Box 217, Wellsville PA, 17365. Telephone # 717-432-9244 E-Mail Please feel free to call me or E-Mail me to give me family history or ask me any questions.

[NI008] I dedicate the first part of my life to my four siters, Kathleen, Maureen Bonnie and Connie who have always been there to support me through the good and hard times of my life.

[NI008] I dedicate my adult life to my wonderful beautiful daughters Stephanie and Lindsy Capaldo who have given me more joy than I could imagine. They have been my life.

[NI008] I thank my mother who has taught me the meainig of god, and work ethics. This has contributed to my sucess in my career.

[NI008] I thank my Father for becoming my friend as an adult and helping me with the care of my children after my divorce. He was there to take care of my girls those many nights while I as at night school at Widner University and would take care of the girls when I was on business trips. He also has contributed to my sucess in my career.

[NI008] I thank my big brothers, Tom, Danny and Mickey for being the best big brothers in the world. They were a very big part of my childhood.

[NI008] I also thank my little brothers, Jim and Jack for giving me someone to love at a young age. They wre my first babies. My brother Jim has become a very good friend and I am so proud of the youngest of ten, Jack, who is the best dad in the World.

[NI008] My life story is a very simple story. After my two children and my divorce, I went back to college to finsh my degree in Business Adminstration at Widner University while I was working as a contract adminstrator at an Enigineering Firm. I was bored with just doing accounting work and found a job with a Non Profit, Social Service Mental Health organizantion as the Business Manager. Working as a Business Manager for a Social Service was a perfect job for me because it brought out the logical part of my personality but allowed me to work for a organization which help people in need. This brought out the part of my personality which needed to help those in need.

[NI008] After over six years with this organization I decided to move to Silver Spring, Maryland in the D.C. area for another mental health organization as the Director of Administration. My oldest daughter Stephanie could not move down with me because she as been with the same gymnastic school since she was four and on their team since she was eight. Of course she could not give this part of her life up and decided to move in with her dad to stay in the Wilmington, Delaware area. Because of our weekends and nightly phone calls together my daughter Stephanie and I ae even closer. I am very proud of her for her hard work and drive she extends with gymnastics and school. I am also very proud of my Linsay for the big heart that she shows to everyone and her very creative artistic talents in drawing and writing.

[NI008] So my daughter Lindsay and I headed off to the D.C. area. We did not like it too much. Because the many hours I had to work and the hectic life in the D.C. area we decided to move to a little town out side of Harrisburg, PA called Wellsville.

[NI008] I now work for the Allience for the Mentally ill of PA and live with my daughter Lindsay and a wonderful man George Eckenrode.

[NI009] Bonnie Ann Kelley; Holmes, PA; 10/13/53 resides at 74 MacKenzie Court; New Castle 328-0312 and is employed at The News Journal Company (The Dela. Newspaper) presently 11 years.
English language; Methodist (Catholic previously for 25 years); H. S. Graduate & 2 yrs. at DelTech Community College. Since 15 yrs old asthma difficulties; since 28 chronic asthma & chronic fatigue. At age 26 Atopic pregnancy & at 28 lost of a baby girl; Candace Blevins.
Larry R. Blevins; North Carolina; 6/11/48; Electrician
Co-habitated June 1972; Married-October 4, 1975;
Divorced October 10, 1985
Engaged: April 1, 1972
Married-Wilm., DE; Boxwood Ave.
Reception-Defiance Men's Club
Honeymoon; Canada-Northern Ontario
Remarried: April 1, 1995 to Gary D. Michael of Redding, CA; 1/12/48; Sales Manager; Married: St. Mark's U. M. Church; Most beautiful wedding & reception; Honeymoon: (1) Switzerland & (1) New Orleans.
Jason Blevins; Male, Wilm. General Hospital; 4/7/73
"The angel of both families"; Extremely high intelligence; chronic asthma and most likely
chronic fatigue like his mother. Short stature. H. S. graduate. Presently in college for Computer Programming; may pursue graphic designs and art. Employed at CompUSA, computer retail store; small business sales rep. Very Funny. Athletic. LOVES to read. Writes & draws well. Great with children and a terrific brother to Joseph. "My friend son".
Candace Blevins; Female; Wilm. Medical Ctr.; 10/13/81
Died; 10/15/81; Lungs were underdeveloped ; 3 months early delivery due to infected umbilical cord. Born; 2lbs. 3 oz. Buried in West Jefferson, North Carolina in the Blevins family cemetery. Candace was born on my 28th Birthday; she only survived for two days.
Joseph Ryan Blevins; Male, Wilm. Medical Ctr.; 8/30/83
"The singer" of both families; A great dancer. Very good sense of humor. Very hard worker;
"B" student, generally. Very athletic; Soccer, Baseball and Basketball. Enjoys writing. "My sweetheart son".
Bonnie Kelley: Born as a fraternal twin to Connie Kelley Panco. I am a hard worker; I have above average intelligence. Like both my sons, I am athletic. My game is racquetball. I write & draw well. I love children. I have been in advertising for 11 years and break records by bringing in high revenue dollars for the company year after year. I am a very caring sister & daughter to my family. Remarried, yet chose to keep my birth name (Kelley). I love demonstrating my Irish background with the (Kelley) name. It is said that I am extremely independent and tenacious. I have chronic asthma & fatigue, yet; half the day I am highly energetic. I am happy within.
Larry Blevins: Hard worker; easy going father, loves to tell funny stories to his sons. Loving to his sons, was not very attentive to me. Very generous to his sons. Electrician.
Gary D. Michael: Hard worker; very generous and attentive to his wife (me). 4.0 rating, tennis player. Has traveled to 22 countries. Has taken Joseph & I to various vacation spots and trips. Middle management position (sales). Has two grown sons; Brian and Mark.
Joseph was at school and heard a dog barking outside the school window; since he was in the back of the classroom, he stood up to see what was going on. Joseph became highly upset when he saw that the dog pound, if you will, was trying to capture this black dog. The window was open, so Joseph hollered, "leave the dog alone". Needless to say, Joseph was sent to the principal's office. When Joseph came home, he begged of me to take him to the SPCA, to rescue the black dog. This child can charm anyone; so off we went. Yes, the black dog was there; however, right next to it was my dream dog. I have wanted this dog, ever since I was a little girl. It was so cute, that even Joseph was easily persuaded to give up the notion of taking the black dog home.
My pup was a golden cocker spaniel. We had to wait five days, just in case someone claimed him.
We had a problem though, fifteen other people wanted him also. So, when the day arrived that his new owner could adopt him, I took off work. I was the first one there to pick him up. That was the claiming ticket, to be #1. The doors opened at 10am, I was let in. Soon afterward approximately six other people arrived. Sitting there, very relaxed, I filled out the papers. Other people were there as well, I didn't care; I was in my own happy world, knowing my dream dog was
going home with me. All of a sudden, the adoption lady stated that I was the second choice; that the older gentleman across the room would be the cocker spaniels new owner. I was feeling like a lost puppy myself. I hadn't ever fallen in love with an animal at first sight like I did this one. I walked out of the SPCA, not able to talk. The older gentleman followed me and with great hesitation gave me my golden cocker spaniel. He let me adopt him. This older gentleman will never be forgotten.
Five months later, Joseph calls me up from his MomMom Blevins' home and tells me that she has a cocker spaniel, golden/white. Very small. Joseph was sure that I would fall in love with this pup; I was not. No pup could ever replace my "Shadow", which has followed me around for five months. Shadow, my pup seemed to need a friend during the day; and this new pup was kept outside all day; it also had ticks. So, I called a groomer and told Joseph to bring it home. Now, "Shadow" isn't lonely and "Cotton" isn't cold and ticky. Since May, Shadow who is 1 1/2 yrs. old has put on extra weight; he is a large cocker spaniel. Cotton, is 3 yrs old, according to the vet; and she is very, very small. Cotton was gaining weight and getting chubby in the backside, like Shadow. We did not have to be concerned about Cotton getting pregnant, because Shadow was spaded. The vet said, Cotton may have been spaded before MomMom found her; we cannot tell right now; but that we should keep an eye on her to see if she goes in heat. If that is the case, then we need to bring her back to get spaded. Cotton has gained a lot of weight, but has not gone in heat. Joseph and I arrived home at 9;30pm from a bookstore that we had been in for three hours, 7 1/2 weeks after getting our Cotton from MomMom. What did we find when we arrived home? We found two little tiny, newborn pups that Cotton delivered. We were in awe. Joseph told me that she looked pregnant about two weeks prior. I told him, "no way ", because Shadow was spaded and Cotton never left Shadow's side when they went out to play. Mom was wrong!
That night, we stayed up till 12am, when we felt all puppies were delivered. Little Cotton delivered, six; however, only four survived. Gee! Shadow's family grew really quick! All four pups have been claimed though, we'll enjoy them while they're here. What a neat experience!
Once a week, for 8 weeks a dozen children would come over to Jason's house to
practice for THE CHRISTMAS SHOW. Jason's four best friends, three cousins, and his friends'
cousins. Jason was nine years old and the others were in the same age range. The day of the show, we cleared all the furniture out of the living room and filled it with 35 chairs, which were borrowed from St. Matthews. We had a room for refreshments and a stage room. We bought a
beautiful, red, silky curtain for the stageroom. Everyone sang so beautiful. Andrea Kelley was Mary and of course my Jason was Joseph; they sang, Away In A Manager. What a lasting memory that is for me, (Mom). All went well. All 35 seats were filled and the children had a great time. Everyone went home. Uncle Jack came over later that night. It was ten o'clock. I sent Jason to bed. Uncle Jack went upstairs to the bathroom and decided to peak in on his favorite nephew. When he opened the door, he found Jason with a flash light, reading a book. Jason was and still is so intelligent. He and Uncle Jack began to have a big brother talk, so to speak; though Jack is only ten years older than Jason. Jason said, very sincerely, "Uncle Jack", every night I want to read, I turn the flash light on alot, I think I am a read-aholic. Jason was so good, what an angel, but boy - oh- boy could he sleep! Must have been all that reading the night before.
JASON, went to Fl, Disney World, Chicago and Boston. Had a 3 foot, chocolate Easter bunny at six years old. Came home from North Caroline with a swollen eye, from a bee sting at 8 years old. Loved and played baseball and soccer like a young pro. He had real gift of logic to any sport he played. Jason went to Temple University for some of his college, and at 22 fell in love with his beautiful Greta . Jason takes his brother Joseph to the pro games and movies and is a really good brother. Jason is the family computerwhiz. JOSEPH has been to FL, Disney World, Boston & Sturbridge, MA, Williamsburg, Virginia, Lake George, New York, The Empire State Bldg., and Plymouth, MA, (Plymouth Rock).
Joseph has made the All-stars baseball team, three years in a row. Was the third pitcher in one of the games and saved the team from humiliation. Joseph also was on the championship team of his basketball league. He wants to be a writer. GOOD LUCK!
LARRY BLEVINS AND BONNIE KELLEY - Our sweetest day was when we got married and when I told Larry that I was pregnant for Jason, he said, "He was happy and proud". When Joseph was
announced to be born, we all knew that Joseph was the whole family's bundle of love. Both of our sons were made from love.
GARY MICHAEL AND BONNIE KELLEY - While Gary and I were on our honeymoon, in Switzerland we literally went window shopping because all the shops were closed. It was a beautiful, warm evening. I spotted the doll of my dreams. It was a precious, Swiss Boy with the most beautiful Swiss eyes. I fell in love with it. The tag read $65. I knew this was a large amount so I didn't ask for it. My new husband saw how excited I was and said, "in the morning we will come back to purchase it; after all we only go to Switzerland once in our lives." I told everyone on the tour with us about this great doll the next day and expressed how I couldn't wait to show them. We went back to purchase it and discovered that the sweater on the doll was $65.00 and the doll was ONLY $750.00. Needless to say, we had to leave the doll in the window and admit to everyone that we couldn't take it back to Delaware with us. No wonder I fell in love with it!

[NI010] Connie Kelley Panco

[NI010] Connie is a graduate from Henry C. Conrad High school in Wilmington, Delaware.She grew up in downtown Wilmington and Elsemere Delaware. As an adult she lived with her Husband Nick at Pennsylvania Stes College while he attended scholl there for his B.A. Degree. They then lived in Northwales,PA for 11 years untill they builtthere own house in West Grove, PA. in 1989. Connies Husband fought in the Vietnam War with the U.S. Marines. Their son Nicholas jr. is 20 years old as of this writting and works for the United States Postal Service.

[NI011] Jim Kelley's Life Story:
Born the ninth child out of ten kids, I was a bit spoiled and loved very much by my family. From memory and family stories, I have surmised that I was given a lot of attention as a child. Because of this love and attention, I became the person I am today. Along with my brothers and sisters influence on me, I was greatly influenced by my Mother. At the age of six my parents separated. My brother Jack and I went with Mom and the rest went with Dad, except Tom. Tom the oldest was in the Airforce at the time. At some time or another growing up, most of the kids came to live with me, Mom and Jack for short stays. My earliest memories are of The big 3 story house we lived in on 8th and Jackson street in the inner city of Wimington. This house was very tall and there were four bed rooms as I remember. Bonnie and Connie(the twins) and Candy Lived in one room on the third floor. Tom, Micky and Danny's room was across from them. On the second floor was Kathy and Maureen's room as well as Mom and Dad's room. Jack and I had a small room right off from Mom and Dads room. There was a sand box in the back yard and a closed in glass foyer in the front of the house. It was this glass foyer that I'll carry with me the rest of my life. As I remember it, I was about four years old and was playing "Bat man and Robin" with my brother Jack (the youngest). I threw my arm out to slap a virtual bad guy and put it through a glass pane window in the foyer. I still have that stitched up scar today on my right hand.(Boys will be Boys). Mom, Jack and I moved into a really big apartment up the street from Jackson St. to Vanburen Street. I really liked this place and the next door neighbors. The girls next door were called affectionately as the Bradley sisters. I was in love with all three of them; especially "Dedi" the oldest. She was one year older than me and I'll never forget her. Sometimes I think I see her on the street or in a store. ahhhhh!!!! First Love.(ha,ha-there were many to follow). We moved from downtown in 1969 to get away from the Racial rioting that was tearing down our city. The National Guard was called in and stayed an entire year. This was the longest federal occupation of a U.S. city since the Civil War. We moved into an apartment complex that became the central point of my childhood. What I mean by this is I had my best experiences as a child in this Neighborhood. After moving in there, Jack and I (ages 6 and 8) made friends fast;both female and male alike. We formed a close nit group of friends that has never been duplicated again. I really grew up in that Neighborhood and miss my old friends very much. We moved again when I was 13 to a neighborhood closer to our school. We lived in an apartment next to my grown up sisters Kathleen and Candis(candy). They were a big help to me especially Candis. During Junior High School I was a great athlete but lacked the necessary hygiene skills associated with looking attractive. I went through puberty a bit rough to say the least, But between 9th and 10th grade My sister Candace and her roommate fixed me up. I went into Conrad High school looking my best and was very successful from the start with the ladies. The whole time we were moving around town, Dad and the Big eight as they were called ( the first eight kids) were living in Elsemere. A small town outside of the city limits. I spent many weekends and summer vacations there with Dad and the big Eight. My sister Bonnie spent a lot of time with me and Jack when we went there; Taking us to the park and reading us stories. She was a good sister who gave much of her time. I liked that house and had many friends in that Neighborhood as well. We always (Jack and I) had two Christmas' and two Easters' a year there and felt lots of Love from that home as well. I had two homes growing up and felt very fortunate. Unlike other Kids that came from broken homes, I never felt broken but actually fortunate to have two homes and so many people who loved and encouraged me. I received much of my confidence from this situation and I am very grateful to my Dad and Brothers and Sisters. But especially my Mom, who sacrificed her life for me and Jack and was a very loving, giving and supportive Mother. Some say she spoiled us, but I don't see it that way. I see it as a job well done by someone who cared more about her kids than she did anything else. She did what she thought was best for us and had the courage and tenacity to follow through with her plans. She is why I am who I am and I miss her very much. During High School I played Basketball and ran cross country. My best sport, however , was baseball where I competed in Little League, Senior League and Babe Ruth League. I excelled as a fine hitter, usually leading the team in batting Average, Homeruns and RBI. In High School I dated a lot, but My High School Sweet Heart was Maureen Murphy who I dated my junior year through half of my senior year. I was very popular and had the best Beer keg parties around. People came from many other High Schools to my weekly Parties. I always kept them under control and always had help from the ladies cleaning up before Mom came home from work around 11:20pm. I believe she new. She just never said anything. After High school I attended College at the University of Delaware into my Junior year where I dropped out and went to night school for Heating and Air Conditioning. During this time I was totally in Love with a girl named Gwen Gary. She was the Love of my Life. It would be 8 and 1/2 yrs later before I'd fall in Love Again (to Lauren Murphy). We Broke up after 4 yrs together when I was almost 22 yrs old. I never completely got over her. During my years at the University of Delaware I joined the Army National Guard to help pay for College. It was a 6 year commitment. I worked with HVAC contractors while I apprenticed for the trade and after 4 yrs of night school I received my Journeyman's Papers for HVAC Technician. I used this to get a better job at the Dupont Institute as an HVAC technician. While I was there I went back to College and got my Degree in Mechanical Engineering. After 10 yrs there, I landed a Job with "Marriot Management Services" in Engineering and that is where I am now, Traveling around the Continent with the Company. That brings me up to date at the age of 35.

[NI012] Jack Kelley's Story:
Loves kids(especially my rug rats);enjoys sports,athletic;Intelligence-picks up things easy,must work on retention;enjoys coaching sports(especially children);loves to play Softball;I have allot of good friends guess that makes me amiable.
I miss my Mother. I loved her dearly. My father and I have become very close since my children have been born. I grew up mostly with my Mother. and Brother Jim. Though Jim and I fought all the time growing up, and sometimes still do, we are very close and I know I would miss him more than anyone if he was not around. I love and care for all my brothers and sisters dearly and individually.
I spent the first few years on 8th and Jackson st.. I have only vague memories of these days. My parents separated and my mother, Jim and I temporarily moved in an apartment with my sisters Maureen and Kathy. on 8th and VanBuren st.. A block up from Jackson St. in downtown Wilmington. Still vague memories. Only a few months later we moved into an apartment on the corner of 9th and VanBuren. My Memory begins to kick in here. We had lived in this apartment during the period of Martin Luther King's Death. Racial tension was everywhere, even in the classroom of a five year old's Kindergarten. I was the only white child in my class.The only friend who would befriend me was a Puerto Rican child, who barely spoke English. I honestly thought that this was normal and somewhat accepted it. Although the school was on the other end of the block of my house, I couldn't make it home ,to often,without getting beat up. Again I thought this was normal. Finally one day, Somehow my Mother found out and told my Big Brother, Jim, who was only one and halve years older than me but twice my size, to walk me home after school. Well, he caught one of the Bullies picking on me and pounded him and a couple of his friends so bad that I never had a problem making it home again. Racial tensions got so bad my Mother had to move out of the City.We moved into an apartment complex called Alban Park right outside of the city and lived there for six years. I really enjoyed these years. I made the greatest friends and had some of my greatest experiences during this time. I still have one of those friends, Daniel Neff. I am sure we will always be friends. My Mother used to call him her eleventh child. When I was twelve Mom , Jim and I moved into a tiny apartment above a bakery directly across from my school, Richardson Park. I really liked this school. It was small, but included Kindergarten through Ninth grade. I really enjoyed playing sports there;baseball,basketball and soccer. It seemed like the same group of boys, my friends, were on every team together. We did pretty well on some of these sports for such a small school. We had allot of pride in the Richardson Park Eagles. The Apartment on the other hand wasn't so great. At this time of my life I became aware of status. I was very embarrassed with our little tiny apartment on top of the Bakery. Most of my friends lived in suburban houses. I lived through the experience and grew from it. During my ninth grade year we moved to Glenville, DE. We rented a small ranch house on a concrete slab. It was beautiful to us! A house with a front and back yard. Though it took me a while to meet new friends, I soon did, but I mainly maintained my friendship with my friends from Richardson Park where I finished ninth grade. Although I was living out of the school district. My Big Brother Jim would drive me to school and back that year. In High school, Wilmington High, I immediately became pretty popular. This was directly due to my Brother Jim's popularity.He took me under his wing brought me through the social barriers. My problem was maybe a little to social. I was in all the college prep courses and maintained just above a "C" average through three years without taking a book home. This I believed was OK. I realized different when I went to college and was well under prepared. I did enjoy my social life in high school. I played basketball in tenth grade, but my best sport was soccer which I played all through high school. I probably would have played baseball, but the social life and the after school jobs kept me from doing so. I needed to keep up with the social life. As I said, I began college at the University of Delaware unprepared, so I struggled through my classes. The challenge was somewhat enjoyable, though. High school was never much a challenge at Wilmington High.Again, I enjoyed the social life of college. I also seemed to have a need to work to much in college. By my second year of college,I often wondered if this was right for me, about this time a job opportunity at the Post Office was offered to me. My Mother worked there for twenty years. The money sounded to good to turn down. I was going to take the job for a year, buy a house, rent out the extra rooms,quit,get a part time job and go back to school. I bought the house, 23 6th ave in Browntown. I was twenty one yrs old. I rented out the rooms, but I never quit my Job. I got used to the solid income. This is a decision I never regretted, but often wonder what my life would be if I'd gone back to school. When I was 25, I settled down with my beautiful bride, Robin Fox. Life together was rocky from the start. Though in love we moved at different speeds. Mine a little to fast, hers a little to slow.We, in a short period of time, had two beautiful children, bought a new house,kept the old one, worked on both and tried to start a vending business. Mostly my Ideas and probably to much at once. Our marriage only lasted four years.We have maintained a good relationship and it has shown in two healthy children. My pride and joy. I spend as much time as possible with these little guys and truly enjoy this more than anything else in my life. I now understand how my mother felt. I wish she could be here today to feel it again with my children;though sometimes I think she does. I loved my mother so much. It was easy, because of how much she loved us. She would do anything for her children. She sacrificed her whole life for us and only now can I fully appreciate that. I used to believe her life was so miserable; she had little life outside her ten children and she seemed to always be sick,I now believe that she lived her life as she wanted and enjoyed so much of it. I always loved my father dearly,but honestly only became real close to him shortly after my kids were born. We immediately gained a common love of life. We are so close now and he has become a major part of my family's life. I have yet to mention other than Jim the rest of my relationships with my brothers and sisters. I was the youngest of ten kids. There was a seven year gap between the twins and Jim.(Two babies died in that period). Tom, the oldest, Other than when he was in the Airforce Tom lived with me until he was married. He often had the lucky job of baby-sitting and Jim and I often got on his nerves, But he was very patient with us and was a good brother.The next child, Kathy, was my emotional support growing up and she accepted this role freely. Maureen, the next in line, married young and our relationship became strong when I reached the age to baby-sit for her kids. Chris, her oldest, became like a little brother to me. Mareen and I have formed a common parental bond. The next in line is Danny. He was always around growing up. He always found time in his busy schedule to help Jim and I. His influence helped me into college. Mickey had moved away when we were still pretty young. Our visits together were always enjoyable. He and I have become allot closer over the years and we now realize how much we are alike.Candice lived with us for most of the period after our parents separated. She to had to baby-sit me and Jim. She helped Mom raise us. Bonnie, the 2 minute older twin, helped me and Jim allot growing up and was always there for advice. She would do anything for us when we were growing up. The other twin connie, had little patients for us as children but our relationship began to grow as we all got older. I have had some of my best times and best conversations with Connie and appreciate her emotional strength. Jim and I were like most brothers;close to the same age. We fought constantly around the house, but outside the home we ultimately looked after each other. Jim and I are still very close and still sometimes fight. He is my best friend and think I'M stuck with that the rest of my life.
Childhood Story:
This story is not my favorite but one that has had a major impact on my life. I was about six or seven years old and playing hide and go seek in my fathers basement in Vilone village. My brother, Jim, went upstairs to count. I decided to hide in the unused unplugged refrigerator. Jim went to use the bathroom and evidently forgot we were playing. Within a short period of time, I decided to try to get out. It didn't work. I panicked. After what seemed like forever of banging and yelling, I gave up. I really thought that this was it. Somehow my father just felt that something wasn't right and for no other reason than instinct, he walked downstairs. Of course, when there, he could hear me. The memory of seeing his face and the feeling of being held by him is and always will be impacted in my mind.

[NI026] As father Jack wrote:
Beautiful baby, handsome frekled faced boy.
Intelligent, picks up things very quick, but has to work on hard on retaining some information;much like his Dad. Very Social, active and energetic.He enjoys sports,loves to wrestle, is very sensitive and caring.(my best buddy)

[NI027] As written by Father Jack:
Beatiful baby,breathtaking blu eyed little girl. Very smart,does not take long to pick things up,excellent retention, much like her mother. Very Feminine adn social. Mellisa enjoys talking,singing,dancing and ice scateing.She is very affectionate, but alittle stuborn.(SHE IS MY SUNSHINE BABY, A LITTLE LOVE BUG)

[NI048] Father Tom Kelley:
Primary Language: English
Education: BA in Philosophy; MA in Math; STL in Theology from Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.
Medical history: Colon Cancer 1975; Asthma 1983 to present.
Hobbies: Golf, collect tapes of old radio shows, music- play trumpet, computerized sax, harmonica, and keyboard.
Special characteristics: Former teacher of High school math and Physics. former coach of football, basketball, baseball and track . former director of Athletics at Bishop Duffy High School in Niagra Falls, New York.
Family note: All family siblings from oldest to the youngest of six there are six years and one month.
Born on Christmas eve, 1923 on Seventeenth and Tioga Street, in Philadelphia, PA.

[NI120] Thomas had no decendents.

[NI126] Paul had no decendants

[NI188] William was Adopted.

[NI189] Ann was adopted

[NI299] Josephine Emily Locker Meyer's Story
Josephine and her 3 sisters arrived in America from Switzerland together at 19 yrs old.
The following is a letter I received from my Aunt Doris Meyer Benner (Daughter of Harry Meyer and Elsie McMullen Meyer). Harry Meyer is the son of Emily Locker Meyer. I thought about editing it for clarity, but left it in it's original form with the exception of spelling errors. There are some words that were not legible and thus were either omitted or interpreted.
Dear Jimmy,
Sorry my typewriter days are over at 72years old my fingers are not very flexible on the key board. I sent a copy of your family tree web page to my son Ken. He lives in New Hampshire and I know he would like to correspond with you.
Now about the Switzerland Family Tree. Here is a few interesting side stories. Josephine Emily Locker is your Great Grandmother. She went back to Switzerland on a visit with her three children, Menga, Frank and William who was a toddler. William drowned in a lake in Switzerland. Josephine was pregnant and gave birth while she was over there. The family decided to use the first William's(drowning victim) Birth certificate to get the new William Mckinley(recently given birth to) back to America. Sounds like these Lockers were smart cookies.
My cousin Jean visited last summer and gave me this information. She had visited Switzerland with her daughter and her Husband who spoke German. I found out the Lockers were Catholic.
There has always been a question in my mind why Grandmom came over here when the Lockers were a "Well-to-do" Family and successful business men; owning a lumber mill, Beer Brewery, and also a cotton Mill. Jean thinks it could be there father. She was told he was a hard man to live with. I think it could have been religion. When she came to Philadelphia she joined the Presbyterian Church.
Another story - During the Prohibition years, Grandmom's Oldest boy, Frank Meyer , drove a whiskey truck for Al Capone; a big Gangster in his day. Frank could not go into the state of Pennsylvania as the "Feds" were watching Grandmom Meyer's House. He settled in California. The other children became hard working citizens. As a child I had always heard that Frank was the "Black Sheep" of the Family.(Could be more to the story)
I didn't know anything about the Meyer family except that John Meyer was put on board a ship by his sisters when he was 12 years old. He worked as a Cabin Boy. His older brothers were in the German Army and writing home for food and clothing. The sisters didn't want young John drafted. He jumped ship on one of his landings in America.
Well Jimmy, that's all the information on your GrandFather's side of the family. I believe your Mother "Marion" told you about your Grandmother Elsie's side of the Family. Hope you can understand this. I'll let you type it.
Aunt Doris (Daughter of Harry Meyer and Elsie McMullen Meyer)
Entered by Jim Kelley (son of Marion Meyer Kelley and Dave Kelley)

[NI302] Lydia was a twin to her sister Helen Meyer.

[NI305] Helen was twin to her sister Lydia.

[NI309] Doris Meyer Benner's Story:
When we were young Marion and I love to dance- Jitterbug.
My Mother did a great Charleston. (Elsie Morgan)
Very Active and interest in the Widwood Crest Museum. Belonged to the Fedration of Womens Club in the state of New Jersey. Active for 42 yrs and was drama chairman most of those years. Received two Best Actress Awards enjoyed every minute of it. Must have some of the Hamilton genes.
Great Grand father Joe Hamilton was in a Menstral Show. His group trained up and down the east coast from Atlantic City to Atlanta Georgia. His son followed his foot steps.
Mother's cousin Kay Hamilton was a night club singer. As a child she made money singing in front of Shops.
Joe Hamilton's Daughter Laura Mae had red alburn hair and since then one child in each generation had red hair. Doris Benner, Tom Kelley, Jim Kelley and now Caysea Benner. Caysea is a big Ham
Elsie Mcmullen Meyer Morgan Stuttered as a child. The Nun at her school instructed her to recite poetry. It helped her very much. Marion and I recited with all the drama and expression our Mother taught us. Our Favorite was the "The Big Dog under the Wagon"
The Honeymoon:
At the Inn they had a sail boat on the lake. On boat was large enough to hold four couples and since Tom was the only one who knew how to sail,he became the skipper.
There were high winds that day, at least 40 miles an hour. We sailed up and down the lake, we could see the trees on the land, flying by Tom tried to turn the Sail Boat around and the long center board cracked in Half. We jumped off, pushed the boat to shore and decided Ice skating was a better deal.

[NI311] Susan Benner:
Special Characteristics:
Love to be around people, type A personality, always like to "do it myself" I was born on a thursday & thursday's child has far to go (see"love to travel"). Not very patient. I won't shop at K-Mart because the check out lines are too slow.
Hobbies/ special interests:
Skiing since High School. Solid intermediate skiing-most interesting place I've skied is the French & Italian Alps. Love to travel: Europe-Prague, Czech Republic, Santorini & Athens, Greece, Paris,France, the French Rivirera, London, Amsterdam, Bruge, Belgium, Madrid, Costa Del Sol, Spain, Moroco and Cancun Mexico, 2 cruises in the Carribean(SS Norway & Carnival). Favorite US Cities; San Francisco/ Napa Valley, New Orleans, Carmel CA, Chicago, Orlando FL, Captiva Island FL, Miami FL, Ski resorts in Vermont. Been to every city I want to and a few that I did'nt.
Fun Family Stories:
Mom and Dad's first date-sailing. Mom's perspective of sailing was from the movies;sitting comfortably on the deck of the boat,sipping a cool drink, wind blowing in her hair. In preperation for the date she borrowed a nice sweater from a friend, coifed her hair and put on a nice outfit. Growing up at the shore, I can assure you this was the wrong attire. The wind did blow through her hair, but so did the salt water. She got very wet because even in the nice two man boat-a comet-you have to drag your tail in the water to keep the boat sailing flat. Good news- they didn't tip over and they did go out again -even went sailing again, but this time Mom was dressed for the occasion.
Family Vacations: Every year from the time I was 3 years old untill I was 14, we went to Spli Rock lodge, a resort in the Pennsylvania Poconos. We'd stay in a cabin, play in the snow,eat warm rolls in the lodge restuarant(brought to the table in a big metal heated drum), and play checkers and put puzzles together in the lodge. We started skiing the last two years. It was quite a scene watching Dad 'tie up" the laces on all of our boots-both Ken and I got addicted. Of course we got into skiing more in high school and college-one reason -buckle boots. Finally we stopped going -but this time Mom and Dad found another vacation site-Florida. Then for the next 10 years they went to Florida, 6 of them in the same exact condo. When they find something they like- they stick with it.
Favorite Recipe: Gormet Take Out
Nannys Homemade Rice Pudding: This is Edie Bartons recipe. Key to the success is using the exact pot that "Nanny" used. Mom has it now, it is high on the list of valuable items. Ingrediants:
Regular white rice cinnamon Milk vanilla(1 teaspoon) carnation condensed Milk (10oz) nutmeg sugar raisons (optional) butter (chunk 3-4 till creamy on top)
Directions:(this is a judgement/eye measurement recipe) cover bottom of pan with rice. (this is why exact pot is needed). Cover rice with with water. Bring to a boil. Add part of regular milk and all of condensed milk. Add nutmeg, cinnamonsugar and vanilla. Stir while heating. Add rest of regular milk. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, simmer. Add chunks of butter, continue simmering. Stir constantly. Pudding will thicken (eventually). Serve warm!!!!!! YUM!!!!!


[NI314] Had the brightest and best looking kids in town. They took after their Mother!!

[NI320] William drowned in a lake in Switzerland. Josephine, his Mother , was pregnant and gave birth while she was over there. The family decided to use the William's Birth certificate to get the new William Mckinley(his bother) back to America.

[NI341] Charles Died in the Vietnam War.

[NI362] William Hamilton was born in Ireland.

[NI366] Sara died in 1910 of the Measels

[NI370] Tomica was born in Japan.

[NI371] Tina was born in Tawian

[NI385] Katyn was a pro singer.

[NI387] Sara was a Diabetic
Sara's grandmother comes from Ireland.

[NI388] J. Hamilton Died at the age of 42.

[NI414] Martin Joseph Kelley:

[NI414] Martin came to America at 8 years old in 1835. He was a school teacher. The sixth grade teacher of Ann Tobin. He later gave up teaching to become a Lawyer and in 1874 married his former sixth grade school student, Ann Tobin. He was 49 years old when he married Ann and she was 22 years old.

[NI426] Martin was known as a Bachelor

[NI427] Margeret was not Known to have any descendents.

[NI441] Walter Never Married

[NI457] Some Interesting Tid bits about Richard are as follows:

[NI457] Collects stamps and enjoys the game of Basketball. Richard served newspapers in the 1930's for the following News Papers; the Public Ledger
the Evening Bullentin and the Daily News. He participated in the following; St. Jooan of Arc's Drum & Bugal Corps, Norhteast Catholic Alumni Board(54yrs), Last office held was Historian 4th degree Knights of Columbus. Served office of FKD, Arsenal Fed Retires Chapter 596.

[NI457] Some interesting Family tales:

[NI457] Brother Paul- Family Picnic to Hulmeville Park; Took the first group up to the Park- went back for the second group and ran out of gas. The second group did'nt get there untill dark( my Father refused to go).

[NI457] Cousin Tommy Kelley- was serving my News Paper route one Summer(1938) while I worked down at the Shore( Sea Side Heights ,NJ) was bitten by John Planich's Doberman Pincher dog While Tommy was getting my wagon out of the yard.

[NI457] Uncle Joe Kelley- brought the family down every Sunday(our house) to see my Grand Mother. We boys would run up to the third floor and holler out the window at all the Holy rollers. We would also jump on the Bed and our Grand mother would holler up to us to stop it. And finally would chase us down the stairs and outside. WHAT A TIME WE HAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[NI501] Madeline was baptised at ST. Francis Church at 47th & Springfirly ave.,Philadelphia, PA.

[NI565] Nancy Ewell Kelley:
Nancy is married to Tim Kelley, son of none other than Dr. Martin J. Kelley. A wealthy and beautiful debutante, many felt that Nancy married well below her station when she hooked up with good old Tim. However Nancy's exquisite taste, charm and good breeding seems to have rubbed off on the rest of the Kelley clan and they all are the better for it. Nancy's hobbies are: playing the stock market, horseback riding, speaking fluent French, gardening, and of course, raising those 4 wonderful children: Caroline Kwon Kelley--11 yrs old, Patrick Owens Kelley--7 yrs old, Maura Therese' Kelley--7 yrs old and Michael Ewell Kelley---7 yrs old. In her free time she also volunteers for the Red Cross and the Local Soup Kitchen. A gourmet cook, she has won the Betty Crocker Bake-Off twice!

[NI573] Edward A. Dunning:
To Gregory, my Grandson,
I, Edward A.Dunning was born May 9,1913 to the parent's of Elisha A.Dunning and Hester Berger Dunning in Perry Oklahoma.We moved to Blackwell Oklahoma to another farm when I was10 years old.On the way up, I rode a horse and drove a herd of cattle with my brother Delmer and grandfather [Paris Chipman Dunning] I know I was 10 years because about 12 miles south of Blackwell, I went into a Tavern to get a drink of water and the guy asked me how old are you son? I said I was10, and he said, did it take you 10 years to get that dirty. Of course the reason I was that dirty is because of riding a horse and it was in August and the dust was 6 inches deep and we had dust all over us.Anyway we lived on a farm, and I went to a Country school there.Then later on my Father moved into town and worked in a zinc mill as a smelter, so we went to the schools there. I went to Junior High and then to High School but didn't graduate with only a half year to go, because I wanted to try my luck at something else,so I went out into Eastern Colorado to work in the Broom Corn harvest, I think I was getting $1.00 a day.Then I went into a town in Western Kansas and worked in what they called the Milamay harvest. I came back home that fall, and did not do anything that winter,then the next spring my Uncle Enos came by and we went back to a little town in Kansas because a fellow I worked owed me $20.00 I took the $20.00 and spent the night and then went to Dodge City where my Aunt Zella Uncle Rocky lived and he had a cousin who was living there and was stranded, he had come from California and had no way to get back and he did not
have any money, so he talked me into giving him the $20.00 to buy gasoline, and took me, my Uncle
Enos and all his rest family to California.We sleep out on the ground and ate very little, and finally made it to Pasadena California but we ran out of everything, so Uncle Enos hocked his watch to get us on the way to San Pedro we and stayed there for several weeks.My Uncle Enos got a job digging a ditch so we a little money and left there, and caught a freight train over the mountains into the San Juaqin Valley and we went up toVisuala California and stayed with a cousin of my Uncle's for a few days, and we were going to get a job picking grapes but the grapes never got ripe soon enough. So we finally went on up to the valley and caught a ride and one way or another we arrived Walnut Creek California, which is just across the mountains from Oakland California, where I had a Aunt and some cousins and we stayed
there for a few weeks and I did some painting for my cousin. After that we went on back to the Valley picking plums, we stayed for a week or two and went on down into the valley and Los Angelos and stayed with another cousin, from there we ended up in Imperial Valley, which is just outside of San Diego where they grow lettuce,cucumbers and all kinds of vegetables were grown, it was a beautiful valley.We stayed for three days and caught a ride through the desert toYuma Arizona and that night we crawled on top of a passanger train going east to Texas.We rode that train all night and the next morning we came into a little town in the mountains of Arizona and the conducter saw us up there, and Boy!! was he
mad. Anyway,we jumped off and stayed as far away as we could from him. After that, a freight train came in and so we and we got top of that and rode the rest of the way to El Paso Texas and we used the money we earned picking plums to buy food and when the train stopped we get off to buy Bologna and Bread and that all we lived on till we got home.While in El Pasa we took a Rock Island train and went north up through the pan handle of Texas to Newton Kansas where we got off and caught a ride down
to Blackwell and to farm where my parents lived, with only a dime in my pocket, I came home with my rear end out and no money, and for the rest summer I had to find work.In the fall I went back to school and graduated in spring. The next spring I went to a Junior college in Tonkawa Oklahoma which was 4 miles south of our farm and took my freshman courses.The following year I went to Oklahoma State University enrolled in Engineering and after 3 years I got my bachelor's science degree in mechnical Engineering. That next spring I got a job with Ralston Purina and worked there for two years and I was
transfered to Wilm.De in 1940, and I met your grandmother Mary Agnus Desmond and we were
married in Sacred Heart Church in Wilm.and there were 9 happy birth events, Michael, Steve, Dick, Jane, Joe, John, Jim, Bobby, and 9th one was your Father, Ed and that brings you up to date. Your Grandpop,
Edward A.Dunning

[NF001] The couple were married on June 16 1945 in Trainer, PA at Holy Cross Church. They met each other on April 6 1945 at a party when Dave was home for a thirty day leave from the US Marines during World War 2.

[NF001] Marion telling her story;
At the time of the party mentioned above my sister Doris and I were sharing an Apartment with a friend. We usually had steak and wine on Saturday Nights and I was saying how much I did not want to go to the party. I was to go ahead, you may meet your future husband, so I went and I did! That was the night I met Dave, your father. He was so handsome in his Marine uniform and those dancing Irish eyes! How could I resist him. So we married about four months later, during the war that is the way it happened. Then my babies started coming! My first pregnancy, I was going to the Naval Hospital for my first check up. They had just opened up the Maternity section, so I went there for my first "internal". When I first got there I had to talk to the Doctor. Well, I walked in to meet this handsome , young Naval Officer in full uniform. I got ready for the internal and the nurse told me to sit up on the table and I sat on the table and put my hands in stirrups!!(do you believe it?) The nurse asked me, is this your first internal? When I shook my head yes, she put me in the proper position. When the Doctor came in, I closed my eyes and never opened them until the nurse said " you can open your eyes, the doctor has left". After that they scheduled me with an elderly Doctor. When Tom was born, he was the first red headed baby born in the Naval Hospital and the nurses took him all around the Hospital showing him to all the servicemen. Do You Believe it?
When Kathy was born we had just moved into a new home and we had a big Christening party., 150 people came and went during the course of the day. She had enough dresses, all different sizes, to last up until her 3rd Birthday. She use to hang on my legs and when I wanted to walk I would have to drag her with me. Tom was crazy about her and let her get away with anything. I would put her in her playpen in her beautiful starch dress and bows and tie her hair up so they would not call her a boy. Then came number Three, WOW! So many stories I could tell you about Maureen, I could fill a book. She was funny Bad. I would tell Tom and Kathy, who were both so good, not to laugh at her and they would run out of the room and giggle. Then came Danny, Beautiful, Adorable, Dan. He threw Temper Tantrums that could even last up to three hours. I never raised my voice to him. I would give a tipped bath and make him comfortable. Then I would put him in his crib; leaving the door open of our ranch house. He would never let me hold him or love him, until he was seven years old. One day, he came home from school, I went to grab him just to hug him; he started to fight me and I said " I don't care , I love you, If I want to, I'll hug you". He settled down and let me love him. Mickey was born a year later. My favorite description of Mickey is he was to good for his own good. As long as he was in the same room with me, he was happy. By the time of Mickey's first Birthday, he was a head taller than Danny. My mother would get furious with me, but I would explain to her, he has got to learn to stand up for his rights; better here in his own home, than out on the street. I don't think he learned that yet! Candy was born one year after Mickey. Candy was the sweetest little girl! Everything you wanted in a little girl! When she was one year old there was a parade in the neighborhood. So we fixed up a float and had all the brothers and sisters walk her. She won the most Beautiful Baby Prize. Her brothers and sisters were so proud. Then I was pregnant for the 7th time!! I was 61/2 moths pregnant and I was going to the Hospital for a check up. I took Kathy with me and told her I was sure the Doctors would tell me I was to have two Babes. She waited in the hall for me while I was examined. The Doctor said there was only one Baby. I said, " Doctor there are two Babies". Bonnie was first and I heard the doctor say, there must be another Baby, Look how small this one is, When Connie came out, I opened my eyes and said " You'll listen to me next time,Doctor". He was my Aunt Gertrude's friend and she said it was his favorite story to tell over coctails. So Kathy got her two Babies. They were Beautiful!
Eight years went by and then Jim came along, so many stories.When I came home from the Hospital, The whole neighborhood of kids met our car two blocks away shouting!! He was spoiled by everyone. When he was naked, he would break away from his sisters who were trying to dry him and would have to chase him all over the house. He was a little Devil! You could just see his eyes dancing. He's another one I could write a whole book about. Then came Jack, 11/2 years later. I was carrying him when your father and I were really breaking up and when he was an infant. He would cry in his sleep and talk baby talk. So I moved into he and Jim's room. They both had their own cribs. I slept on a cot, so when Jack would cry in his sleep, I could be beside him to comfort him. My favorite story about Jack is, When he was in first grade, he did something outrageous, (I don't even remember what it was, but it had to be pretty bad)because he was an angel growing up. You could not spoil him. But I pulled him into the Bedroom and pulled down his little pants and spanked his bare behind over my knee. Then I stood him up, he had tears rolling down his precious face and I said to him " Now do you know why Mom Spanked you?" He said with tears in his voice "Because you want me to grow up to be nice Man". WOW! How can you miss with a kid like that? Now he has his own baby boy, who is just as good as his father. I am so happy for Jack. He deserves that Baby.
My Story about Kathy:
When I was nine years old, I lived in Kennsington, Philadelphia. I went to the movies every Saturday afternoon;11 cents was all it cost. I went to see the most beautiful love story, it was called"Withering Heights". If you have never seen it , the girls name was Kathy. If you ever get the chance , see it or get the book from the library, you will agree that it is the most beautiful Love story ever. When I walked out of the theater, I made up my mind that my first daughter's name would be Kathy. My dear Kathy,that is how it came to be your name. Over the years I NEVER forgot that movie. So there wasn't any hesitation of what your name would be when you were born. When I was pregnant for my first baby, my sister Aileen was living with me. When she would go to bed, I would work on this huge doll; it must have been as tall as a three year old. I made it with black pigtails and a lovely three piece suit and blouse; and it had black paten leather shoes and the jacket I embroidered the name Kathy.

[NF001] So here I am retired. It's Saturday night and on Channel 24 they play all "Big Band Music", How much I loved it. As the music plays, all my memories of the past years flow. I am surprised I can remember 95% of all the words and haven't missed a beat. What a lovely way to spend an evening. That's my Life. The life of Marion Loretta Kelley.

[NF001] "The Big Dog Under The Wagon"
Marion L. Kelley [version]

[NF001] Come wife says good old farmer Gray, put on your things tis market day, and we'll be off to the nearest town, we'll be back before the sun goes down. Spot, Umm, no we'll leave old Spot behind. Now Spotty barked and Spotty whined and soon made up his doggish mind, to follow under the wagon. Away they went at good round pace, and joy came into the farmers face, poor Spot, he did want to come, but he'll guard the barn and guard the cotton and keep the cattle out of the lot. I'm not so sure of that! Said Spot, "THE BIG DOG UNDER THE WAGON" The farmer all produce sold, got his pay in yellow gold. He tarted home through the lonely forest, HARK! A robber sprang from behind a tree, your money or your life, said he! The moon was up, but he did not see, "THE BIG DOG UNDER THE WAGON" Now Spot neared barked and Spot neared whined, but he quickly caught the thief behind and pulled him down the marley gate, and tore his coat and tore his shirt! The robber uttered not a sound, while hands and feet the farmer bound, and tumbled him into the wagon. And now, our Hero grand and gay, a silver collar he wears today, among his friends and among his foes, he follows on his horney toes! " THE BIG DOG UNDER THE WAGON"

[NF007] The two met at Bernies Tavern in Wilmigton, Delaware through friends.They were married at Limestone Presbyterian Church near Pike Creek, DE. They Honeymooned at Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Beautiful. Jack was sunburned on the first day. Robin won enough money at the hotel casino to pay for half the trip.

[NF140] Richard met Madeline at the ST. Dorthory Singles Dance in 1976.


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